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I Live, I Love & I Laugh (^_-)


i love white people

Lmfao love this

I Love PINK!💗 #PINKnation #ILOVEPINK #VictoriasSecret

It has been like 9 months I haven’t post anything do to personal reasons but I been checking up everyday so HELLO APRIL and Followers😘

Work Hard Live Life is all I have to say!

One week left and road trip to Orlando with the family. I got my condos waiting for me in Downtown Orlando and in New Smyrna Beach. Can’t wait for the fun!

Acting for my uncles mini movie

getting my spa on at the Vada spaBabes bought my royal blue converse

a day at sixflags

Me in my nurse outfit

My mothers day gift

Mothers day and my moms bday

Lenny and I having fun

At Luna Park with the fams in Coney Island

At the Victorian Garden in central park

Chilling with my Morena Princesa

A nice run and jog to the beach with the bro

at the lobster house in city island

Taco Night with babes Camarones Cancun

at the beach with my fams

Eating healthy. This is how I cook

A night out with the friendsBesties babyshower and I’m the godmother

My niece the ballerina best play ever

My son school trip

This is the end of my spring 2013 Bye Spring Hello Summer


Masters of disguise, Incredible Animal Camouflage Examples

It’s amazing to see how it blends

Love this movie ❤👍

Leaving the hotel

Now back to NYC

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Beach house in Islote,Arecibo








My smile melt hearts 💋💗

Beach house chilling

Priscilla .O. Have a son. Puerto Rican, Ecuadorian & Italian. Capricorn, January 4. I Model. I'm Calm, Cool, Collective. ♥ to travel. ♥ to take photos. ♥ nature. ♥ to explore new things.
"A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous" - Coco Chanel

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